Legendary Items – A Transcript from Honeydew

February 5th, 2009

(Reposted from kin mail because honeydew is a lazyblank and dislikes wordpress.)

Legendary Items – Please Read!

So you are finding these strange and confusing 3rd age items! Cool! Uh…now what? Simply put:

A) They are NOT rare. You will find thousands of them.

B) Most of them are bad and only worth deconstructing.

C) When identified, the good ones are obvious because they have more than 1 gold colored legacy. These are worth showing to other kin members who may need them. For all others you will want to deconstruct them.


That sounds bad. It isn’t. This is where you will get your relics.

But there are some rules to deconstructing:

A) Never ever ever deconstruct an item that you can equip until it is either level 2 or level 11. (this does not apply to items you cannot equip)

- Level 2: This is if you want to get Relics

-Level 11: This is if you want relics and item experience

Deconstructing an item that is for your class at level 1 is a huge waste. If you level it to 2 first it is worth at least 3 tier one relics and could be worth well over 1,000!

If you have questions, send tells to Honeydew/Sweetplums in-game.

Sticky: Welcome! a.k.a. “What to do if you’re new here.”

August 27th, 2008

You’ll need to do three things to get started on the  site.

One: Click the “Register” link over there on the left.

Two: Click the “Register for our Forums” link, also on the left.

Three: Send me an e-mail at kiernian.greywalker@tuatha-kinship.com if you want a kinship e-mail address for your character.

Armour Runs

September 9th, 2009

Hi kin this is Noalas i am using this to communicate with all the kin for i dont have all kin mail… anyways i would like to start a group for people like me who are/around 60 with low amounts of radiance armour. If you want to join up then send me and in-game when you are available for longer instances like this the armour that you still need please too. it wouldnt be bad to have some help so if you would like to lend a heand to some off the ones without radinace armour that is sure welcome

Happy Birthday to our friend, Kiernian!

July 26th, 2009

View the birthday card (I hope!)

Tuatha Anniversary Party

July 6th, 2009

I hope you all are planning to come to the kin party this Saturday, July 11 at the kinhouse.
The festivities will begin at 5 p.m. Eastern/ 4 p.m. Central/ 3 p.m. Mountain/ 2 p.m. Pacific.
Laertes is leading the band and may still be looking for a lute and clarinet player. Thanks, Laertes!
Games and/or contests are being planned so please let Doors know if you are willing to donate a prize (e.g. stack of food, set of armor, morale pots, etc.).
Want to be more involved with the planning? Just let Doors know!
Following the kin party, we’ll see if we can’t send some groups of 6 out into Middle Earth for some fun fellowship quests.
See you Saturday!

Book 8 Patch Notes Released

May 22nd, 2009

The Turtle raid (Nornúan) is changing drastically.

Burglar Enrage will no longer work.
The Turtle will strip Guardian’s Shield-Wall as a buff.

Strange Happenings Raid – a.k.a. “The Turtle”

May 17th, 2009

It’s on the calendar, folks! Let’s whip us some turtle posterior!

Here’s a guide, for those who are interested.

Update — We almost had him on 2 of our 3 attempts.
Our best one got him down to 42,5xx/688,378. Almost there!

The Calendar has been updated. We’re trying again on Sunday!

The definitive list of who needs what

May 9th, 2009
Name Needs From When Available
Jiram Putrid Slime of Helchgam Carn Dum
Noalas Bronze and Silver Coins Carn Dum Friday/Saturday Night
Kiernian Durin’s Copper Coin of Strength Forges – Dhaub Evenings and Weekends
Kiernian Wall of the Resolute Guardian Grand Stair – Igash Evenings and Weekends

Post here if you want anything added :D

Doors and Aegpoadan will organize this info into Fellowships and Raids for us.

50+ Armor Raids

April 18th, 2009

A few of you may have noticed via kinship mail that Aegpoadan, Dorseta, and others have begun gathering people for large fellowships and raids. This is highly likely to continue. Currently, the focus is on Carn Dum, The Rift and Helegrod, but we’ll be working on the Radiance gear in Moria as well. Tentative raid times are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8pm Eastern. We want to get multiple groups these, so send an in-game mail to Aegpoadan or Dorseta if you can make it, or feel free to suggest other times. Level 60’s are also welcome as most of these expeditions will be loaded down with Elites, Elite Masters, and the occasional Nemesis.

Direct all questions to the aforementioned two people and be sure to harass them for not posting about it here. :D

Have fun!


Crafting for fun and friendship

January 3rd, 2009

One of the better things about this kinship is the number of skilled and aspiring crafters we have. Generally, if you need something made, it’s pretty easy to show up in game and ask the people around if they’re able to make it. Sometimes they even have the supplies on them already! But we have a lot of people who are also working on raising their crafting skill.

One of the things that always annoys me about gaining crafting skill is finding useful things to make.  I generally just find something I can make a few hundred of in order to skill up, and sell or auction what I have left over that I won’t use.

I know most of us already do our best to share supplies back and forth, but because we’re not always playing at the same times of day, it would be useful, I think, if we had a way to make general requests to any crafter in the kinship for supplies or crafted items, so for that reason, I’ve thrown together a crafting section on the forums. You can post here, or use the forums depending on your preference, via the instructions detailed in this post.